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My take on convertibles

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

For some time now I’ve been very curious about convertible PCs with Windows 8 and touch screens. I must say that having spent a few hours with my iPad on my couch (playing games like Pendulo Studios‘  graphic adventures, Go or studying some Japanese kanji) I feel like there’s something wrong. Holding the “heavy” iPad in front of me is tiring and the Smart Cover doesn’t help. Also if I had to touch the screen of a laptop with the keyboard in front of me… doesn’t feel right, it’s far away! So this is my take on convertibles.

I know, the drawing is quite crappy but you get the idea, don’t you? I think this way it would feel safe to touch the screen while over your lap, steadier, it would work as a laptop with the keyboard and all and also as a tablet (with the keyboard inside, not on the back!).

So, what do you think?